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Extensions forInfor™ ERP VISUAL

The Virant Group has produced product extensions since the original release of Lilly Software's VISUAL Manufacturing, now Infor ERP VISUAL.

Our extensions fall into three general categories. Click on the tabs below to find out more about the products in each category.

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Tech Documentation Utilities Applications

We are usually type cast as the ‘Data Dictionary Guys’ since this product has been around for years and continues to be an essential part of system administrator's tool chest.  Our hand compiled dictionaries provide the in-depth information that technical users thirst for and even non-technical users can understand. Furthermore, our implementation tools, available directly from Infor Global Solutions, bring world-class enterprise software implementation methodologies to the average user.

Data Dictionary

The comprehensive Data Dictionary is a must-have tool for working with Infor ERP VISUAL data.
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Data Dictionary for Global Financials

The latest addition to our Dictionary series for the Infor ERP VISUAL Global Financials database.
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Reports Dictionary

The Reports Dictionary is essential for users who wish to understand the internal structure of Infor ERP VISUAL reports.
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