The Virant Group

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History of The Virant Group

The Virant Group started business as Alpha Robotics in 1984 developing and marketing robotic controllers and components.  Since that time it has acted as a springboard to several spin-off companies.

In 1986 we began developing hardware and software to test for semiconductor reliability at both the wafer and package level.  After proving the technology through a sale to Motorola, we spun off a company called Sienna Technologies.  The system was expanded and marketed to the top semiconductor manufacturers world-wide and was considered a cutting edge application featured at several scientific conferences.  The company went public and was eventually acquired by Aetrium where an evolved version of the product continues to be sold.

By capitalizing on the first-hand experience of building these companies, we entered the MRP / ERP arena in 1992 by providing specialized, independent services for Fourth Shift.  We were also contracted by Fourth Shift to contribute to the design of their next generation software.

The Virant Group began its association with Lilly Software Associates in 1993 with VISUAL Manufacturing™ release 1.0.  We started as an independent support organization for the Midwest by installing the 20th customer of Lilly Software.

In 1995 we became a Lilly Associate by spinning off a new company, ProCon Solutions, which had the exclusive distribution rights for VISUAL Manufacturing™ in the upper Midwest.  This company achieved rapid growth by building infrastructure and a customer base as Lilly transitioned from a little known startup company to a premier ERP provider.  Today the company operates autonomously and is known as ProCon Companies.

In 1998 we moved away from the sales and support of VISUAL Manufacturing™ by focusing on the development of third-party products.  Since that time we have provided development services to Lilly Software, become the only company authorized by Lilly Software to sell third-party add-on products, and have provided specialized services to select Lilly customers.

Today The Virant Group markets a variety of third-party software and technical documentation products for VISUAL Enterprise™.  In addition we produce custom applications that tightly integrate with VISUAL, and provide consulting services with a focus on complex, inter-discipline areas of ERP implementation.