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Data Dictionary
for release 7.1.1

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The Data Dictionary is a must-have tool for working with Infor ERP VISUAL data.  This comprehensive product continues to satisfy the technical user's thirst for in-depth database information.  Through many revisions over 15 years, this hand-compiled product meticulously documents the internal structure of the Infor ERP VISUAL database. 


  • Gain valuable insights into Infor ERP VISUAL for report writing, importing, and exporting
  • Easily map out queries

What's New in Version 7.0.0

  • Completely redesigned to be used with the Microsoft SQL Server database (Previous editions were written for the SQLBase database)
  • New page design and formatting makes finding data easier and text more legible
  • Revised all sections for new and modified Infor ERP VISUAL 7.0.0 functionality
  • Added page references to the relational model cross-reference to ease in finding tables and models
  • Combined common windows for notations, specifications and pictures in a new sub-section
  • Added several maintenance windows not previously documented in Window Maps

Version 7.0.0 is now in electronic form!

  • Find the info you need fast with electronic search capabilities
  • Adobe Reader search functionality is familiar to most users
  • Handy left-panel bookmarks provide quick navigation through the document
  • Ability to zoom brings clarity to crowded Window Maps
  • No need to worry about paper copies getting soiled and torn in harsh manufacturing environments
  • Security features like password access and serial number registration discourage theft
  • Print individual pages easily as needed to mark-up while working on special projects and reports
  • Easily add notes and mark most-used pages with Adobe Reader Sticky Notes, Commenting, and Highlighting tools
  • Electronic download eliminates costly shipping expenses, especially for foreign destinations
  • Environmentally conscious electronic format saves a tree over paper edition
  • Owners of a printed Data Dictionary are eligible for an electronic version at upgarde pricing

Other Versions Available

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