The Virant Group

Profile of Erick Crail, Process Engineer

Erick brings over three decades of business experience to his position as Process Engineer for The Virant Group. A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma who grew up in Belfield, North Dakota, Erick graduated from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks with a B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in management and political science.

From his earliest experiences managing a movie theater while still in high school, Erick has worked in a variety of positions and industries: program administrator for the USDA; city tax assessor; corporate controller for an oilfield chemicals company; office manager for a natural gas processing plant and a pipeline construction company; business manager for a car dealership; internal auditor, buyer, and advertising manager for a chain of farm-and-home stores; director of communications, marketing coordinator, and regional sales manager for a food products manufacturer; guest services manager for a large retailer; and owner of a business providing consulting, computing, and graphic services for start-up companies. Along the way, he worked part-time gigs in warehouse management, highway construction, musical instrument maintenance, data entry, and dealing blackjack.

Erick’s college training, which included data entry (keypunch), Basic, Cobol, and Fortran, would be dated today were it not for his continuing education, taking courses in desktop publishing, database management, computer programming, and numerous Microsoft workshops. He is a self-confessed geek and computerphile who once co-moderated a local bulletin board service, tries to stay abreast of the latest emerging technologies through extensive reading and seminars, and is active in the local Microsoft SharePoint Users Group.

Outside of computing, Erick’s other major passions are politics and music. A former City Council member, he serves on the Board of Directors of a state-wide political party’s GLBT caucus, and has volunteered on campaigns for local, state, and federal offices. He sang and played drums & keyboards in a country-rock band for over a decade, but now is heard mostly in the choir of his church, where he also serves on their Board of Directors. He is an officer in his Masonic Lodge, and enjoys hiking, biking, writing, photography, and cats.