The Virant Group

Profile of Andrew Sonnek, Development Manager

Andrew is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in Quantitative Methods and Computer Science. His education included Object Oriented Design, JAVA, SQL, ASP, JSP, XML, XHTML, web design, and development methodologies.

Prior to college he used his interests and self-taught skills in creative arts and technology by designing several websites, and working for the Minnesota Lake Historical Society and Library. Andrew has the invaluable combination of skills that includes both technical and artistic abilities that lends itself to excellence in website design and other user interfaces. He has also gained valuable work experience with marketing and graphic design.

Since joining Virant, Andrew has been responsible for the company website, taken over development of the popular Data Dictionary and V-Launcher, and is becoming a key player in new product development. As development manager he is responsible for implementing and improving development tools and methodologies. He has expanded his skills to include Team Developer, the language VISUAL is written in, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, SQLBase, WinBatch and Agile methodologies.

Andrews’s interests include photography, web standards, playing with Legos™.